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Small Baobab trees grow from the tumbled rocks on the cliffside of the Bandiagara escarpment Old Dogon granaries built into the cliff for security Dogon granaries protected by the overhanging cliff
Cliffside Dogon houses abandoned in favour of the plains Cliffside Dogon granaries overlooking the modern village Mud buildings on a ledge of the Bandiagara escarpment
Cool safe dark Dogon houses under an overhanging cliff Abandoned Dogon homes on the Bandiagara cliffs Looking west along the Bandiagara cliffs
Crumbling abandoned Dogon houses under an overhang on the cliffside of Bandiagara, Mali Ancient carved wood from a doorway in Dogon country
Overhanging cliff section near Bandiagara Mali Shards of pottery in a tunnel behind an abandoned Dogon home
Storage chambers in a disused Dogon granary