Equipment in use

Currently I'm using mostly Canon gear throughout:

Canon EOS-30

Good quality 35mm camera.

Canon EF28-80

The original lens supplied with my old, and sadly dead, EOS-300

Canon 17-40L AF

A super-wide angle lens, bought as an upgrade from a Tokina 17mm prime.

Canon EF25 Extension Tube

Lets me take pictures of really small things very close

Canon EF100-400LUIS

Lets me take pictures of big things a long way away and makes a really cool whirring noise

FujiPro GA645-Zi

The exception, this is a medium format camera which I use when I've got a bit more time to compose a shot carefully.

Digital imaging equipment:

Canon D2400U USB Scanner

True 2400 DPI 48-bit scanner. Not as fast as the USB-2 Epson 2450, but the Epson's software is so bad that it's still faster using the Canon.

Canon S900 Inkjet Printer

The latest - this week, at least - photo printer. Stunning quality on proper paper, and fast and quiet too.

And finally:

Weight bench

OK, you try carrying this lot around!

All images from the respective companys' websites.